the fruit bat fundraiser is a fundraising project by rimba, a Malaysian non-profit research group focused on conducting conservation science.

etcetera. was approached by rimba with the idea of building a kickstarter inspired website with a goal of not only to raise funds, but more importantly to raise awareness and fight misconceptions about bats, or fruit bats in particular. the brief was simple: fruit bat education but make it visually interesting. a clear pledge tracker for all bundled products. and a seamless experience navigating within the website.

the campaign went live from 28 august 2021 to 31 december 2021 and was considered a success as the goal of RM30,000 was raised within the first month of the campaign while the total raised at the end of the campaign was RM43,790.


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web design, web development, product photography, ecommerce management (inventory control, order fulfilment and customer service) — all by etcetera.

graphic illustrations by jungle vibes trading co.