revive arcade festival is a three-way collaboration between tala records asia (event owner and manager), etcetera. (web developer) and ptg (game developer).

it is south east asia’s first immersive and interactive 2d music festival, where users are able to walkabout, play games and interact with other users within the virtual grounds.

for this project, etcetera. was in charge of the development of the website. specifically, we developed the website’s user flow, ux design, managed communications between the website development team with the collaborators, as well as managed a team of programmers and developers to develop the website within the stipulated deadline.

development period: july 2021 – december 2021.

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user flow, ux design and website development management. 
— all by etcetera.

special thanks to the web dev team:
iqbal (head of technology), ben (project manager), husna (frontend developer), zaim (backend developer), chong (backend developer).

and tala records asia for the opportunity.